Best battery saver app for android phone

Amazing Battery Saving App to Extend Battery Time on Your Device

googleplay Compatible with: Android 4.1 & above

What Falcon Battery Saver Does?

Falcon Battery Saver is superb battery saver app for your device. It is an Android utility which lets you save your phone battery and tells you how much battery time is remaining.

How It Works?

Normally, your phone has many applications running in the background which you don’t really use. These running apps consume lots of battery power. Falcon Battery Saver improves the battery time of your phone by terminating the unnecessary applications and processes running in the background in just a single tap.



Falcon Battery Saver is loaded with super cool features to extend your battery life. All the features are very easy to use which effectively let you manage and save your device battery.

Battery Temperature

Get real-time temperature values of your device battery with this feature.

Battery Info

Find all the detailed information about your phone’s battery such as battery health, battery status, etc.

Battery Profile

Choose a battery profile to manage phone battery or create your own customized battery profiles.

Custom Battery Saver

Directly manage various battery settings on your device such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. with this feature.

Battery Saver

Automatically switch to a specific battery profile when your device battery reaches a certain limit.


Why Choose Falcon Battery Saver?

High battery draining is a common problem faced by most Android users. You cannot compromise your device usage, therefore you need a way to enhance your battery time. Falcon Battery Saver is one of the best tools when it comes to save your device battery and extend battery usage.